European School for Human Rights Defenders

Why to apply?

Are you passionate about #HumanRightsDefenders and committed to changing the world rights now? Apply on our edition of the European School for Human Rights Defenders in Strasbourg. School in Human Rights Defenders is first School in Europe. 


First round deadline: 05th February 2019 ... read more.

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Building Human Rights in European and beyond:


ECHR in 2017 began the work to successfully establish for first time in Europe the European Schools for Human Rights Defenders in Europe, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus, African and MENA Region.  The European School for Human Rights Defenders will be also partially based with its advocacy body with offices in Strasbourg, to able to address human rights concerns with the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court for Human Rights. 


The European Schools for Human Rights studies offer an open and fair-minded space where dialogue and exchange are encouraged between upcoming leaders active in the European and international human rights, social, media, cultural, advocacy, leadership and environmental fields. Annual cycles of training, seminars and conference address themes relating to advocacy on human rights issues and the rule of law will be the main of the curricula taught in this school.


Objectives of the Programme:


The objective of the European School for Human Rights Defenders is to enable students for the calling of the professional advocator and defender of human rights, on the community and national scale, who will thus become prepared, trained and able to work in the academic and grass roots level in the human rights field, as well as in non-institutional settings, from pre-non-formal education centres to schools, children’s and students’ homes, as well as direct grassroots work in the area of women’s, LGBTI, disabilities, Refugees, Roma and children rights. The studies will simultaneously prepare and enable students for work in a local community and the society in general, and will familiarize them with the significance of research, advocacy, leadership and communications work.


The programme aims to train and enable professional human rights defenders, who can then train and work with volunteers, and engage themselves in a more advanced work in the advocacy human rights field. The programme will provide students with a reflective, analytical approach to their work so that they operate in a constructive professional manner.  It will also contribute to the advancement of human rights defenders in countries where academic and professional training is lacking.