Dear madam/sir,


As a members in Transparency in European Parlament, we think you would be interested to know more about some of the feedback possibilities introduced lately by the European Commission and how you can be notified about new initiatives open for feedback.

As part of its Better Regulation Agenda, the European Center for Human Rights (ECHR), European Commission (EC) and European Parlaiment (EP)wants to listen more closely to the views of citizens and stakeholders while preparing policy and legal proposals on Human Rights Field.


So we have created a working group where you can track and give feedback on major differrent european initiatives at different stages of the legislative and policy-making process. In this space, you can share your views on: roadmaps and inception impact assessments, which set out ideas for new laws and policies on Human Rights, or for evaluations of existing ones legislative proposals and accompanying impact assessments, which are put forward to the European Parliament and Council once they have been agreed on by the Commission draft delegated and implementing acts, which either amend or supplement existing laws or set the conditions for existing laws to be implemented in the same way across the EU.
Have your say – step by step

1. Contact our Office and to know more about EU Policy on Human Rights.

At any time, you can also share your views on how to simplify EU laws and reduce regulatory burden. Your ideas may be submitted to the REFIT platform which makes recommendations to the Commission for follow up actions. Our you can contact European Center for Human Rights to help you about everythink via email: