How to become member of European Center for Human Rights?

According to our Statutes, any organization based in one of the Council of Europe member states, can become a member of European Center for Human Rights, ( Middle East, Africa and Kosovo it can apply also).

Any organization can send a membership request to European Center for Human Rights, if the application for membership is successful, the newly elected member shall have full speaking and voting rights from that time. If the application is not successful, the applicant organization may appeal to the General Assemble.


Member organizations may withdraw from the Project/Network, when that member has informed the Board of this intention three months in advance of the intended date of withdrawal.


The documents that have to be sent to European Center for Human Rights are the following:
1. The Application  (please find in attach files),
2. Short letter about your motivation to become a member of ECHR,
3. The Statutes of your Organization, the Statutes can be sent in English or in French. We prefer only English.


Any organization that sends a request to become or members will be contacted and updated about the development of the membership application.


We are interested to have members NGOs in our Association to promote European Convention of Human Rights throughout different countries in the world and to create one big network consisted of different NGOs dealing with Human Rights issues. If you are interested to be members in ECHR you have to send all documents till 30 June 2016 so we could create a strong partnership in the future.


We are seven people working for the European Center for Human Rights in partnership with different organizations at local, regional, European and international level. Our objective 1) LGBT Rights, 2) Youth  and Women Rights, 3) Disability Rights, 4) Refugees Rights and 5) Roma Community Rights.


We are Happy if you are our Members.

Respectfully yours,
ECHR Staff