refugees rights

1.    Providing opportunities to refugees to gain skills which will increase their chances of finding gainful employment and achieving self-reliance.

2.    Increased interaction between refugees and host communities. 

Refugees story


A young man from Syria told ECHR staff that he had lost as many as 15 cousins and best friends. He was desperate to make a call. He showed a small piece of paper with a phone number on it and asked for a phone: “I only need to call one person my father to ask if he is alive my mother she is dead in Greece,” he said.


A young Syrian girl told to ECHR staff: “I don’t need a phone our social media, I have no one to call our to chat. I have lost everyone.”


Support refugees


4 weeks on European Convention for Human Rights



Isuf Halimi Director of European Center for Human Rights together and Ulrike Lunacek Vice- President of European Parliament part of or online campaign #WEareforrefugees. Explain what’s happening and discuss the Support Refugees with your family, friends, classmates, and colleagues.


Take a photograph of yourself displaying the Support Refugees poster (#WEareforrefugees and #nohatespeech) and add it to your Facebook page, blog, and tweet your picture (with the hashtag #WEareforrefugees and #nohatespeech), this website and the Support Refugeescampaign, add a link to your personal or professional webpage to help spread the word.


Take a picture with the Support Refugees poster (#WEareforrefugees) and send it to us:  Please include your name, location, and a short message explaining why the Support Refugees is important to you. Hashtag you can use from 1 July 2016.




Organise an event to discuss the Support Refugees in your country or local community. You can hold events with Refugees community, political members, activists, researchers and professionals. If you have an event, send us a photo and a brief description of the event, and we’ll post in social Media.

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Send us a story about you with a picture, and we will post it our Social Media:

Were you ever denied the Refugees activities?

Tell us about a time you exercised the Support Refugees!


If you need more info and if you like to be part of our campaign please contact us before 25th July 2016 at

July one month in online campaing! 


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