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Join our learning for European Center for Human Rights by doing methodology led by European Center for Human Rights, platform designed to provide the Human Rights for developing Human Rights projects in different country in the world.

It's simple... it's My ECHR!

Tools and services are shaped to improve efficiency and effectiveness in developing European/International projects for Human Rights in different country in world.


The development is in your hands

Everybody can contribute to the development of a better society to respect Human Rights.


Projects are the way

Good ideas can become excellent European/International projects in different country in world if the efforts are well addressed.


Together is better

Developing partnerships, sharing knowledge and experiences are natural processes about Human Rights


Funds are available

The European Union has funding programs for each society sector and it's not the only way to finance a project.


The rules are clear

The Institutions are developing the rules, we have just to follow them ….specific rules to respect Human Rights Convention


The technologies are here

Social networking, on line project development tools, easy access to information and education are giving you the chance to be part of the European development in different country in world.


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… because ECHR is YOU!

and Human Rights are your Rights...