Missing peoples


By the end of the Kosovo conflict in June 1999, it was estimated that 4,400 to 4,500 persons were missing. Today, about 1,700 remain unaccounted for.

Since 2016 ECHR has provided technical assistance to the Government of Kosovo and Serbia in locating, recovering and identifying persons missing from the Kosovo conflict ... read more.



Refugees rights


1.    Providing opportunities to refugees to gain skills which will increase their chances of finding gainful employment and achieving self-reliance.

2.    Increased interaction between refugees and host communities. 


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Roma rights


Overall objectives: Promotion Human Rights and social inclusion in the labor market by: enabling the social economy, women and Roma groups, developing partnerships and encouraging involvement in community life of people excluded from social development in own countries


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Mental Health - Disabilities


Mental Health on Human Rights Project: European Center for Human Rights documents abuses against children and adults with disabilities, trains activists, and collaborates with advocacy groups working to bring about sustainable reforms in their own countries.


European Center for Human Rights reports have brought world attention to human rights violations in own countries​ ... read more.


mental health

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Human rights education


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 Human rIGHTS



Woman's rights


Create or strengthen independent national institutions for the protection and promotion of these rights, including the human rights of women, as recommended by the World Conference on Human Rights in different country in EU ... read more.

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